The Secret Prompter is a small electronic device worn on your body, concealed by your clothes.

To use it, you record what you want to say, precisely as you want to say it, on a specially modified digital recorder/transmitter. When it’s time for your talk, the transmitter plays your recording, and you listen through a wireless, micro-induction receiver hidden in your ear. You simply repeat the words you hear in your ear.

It consists of:

1. A Sony digital recorder that has been re-engineered to work as a transmitter. This is hidden in your clothing, usually in a pocket.

2. A small wire worn around your neck, under your shirt, that carries frequency waves from the digital recorder and emits them toward a hidden receiver in your ear.

3. A micro-induction audio ear receiver placed in your dominant ear that captures the frequencies emitting from the audio transfer loop and converts them to sound that only you can hear.

4. Optional: A tiny switch can be worn on your thigh, at finger-tip length. You discreetly press it to start and stop the transmitter on demand. This enables you to answer questions, then pick right back up with your talk. Otherwise, you can press the button on the recorder/transmitter to start.