Lee and Vanessa Lentz

We are a husband and wife marketing team. For over 20 years, corporations across America relied on us to create and deliver revenue-generating sales pitches for their audiences at trade shows and marketing events.

The results? Record-breaking results for our clients, year after year, at major industry trade shows, conferences and industry events.

We equip them with our 'secret weapon' for overcoming one of the toughest challenges of doing a live presentation . . . remembering what to say.

What if you don't know what to say? That's an entirely different problem.

Individuals and companies call us when they need help creating a live presentation, speech or webinar.

We take their information and craft it into a powerful message that resonates with their target demographic. The message is infused with persuasion techniques and proven direct response marketing strategies.

Our presentations position the presenter as a respected professional spur the audience to action. Can a presentation be that effective?

Absolutely! Delivering a signature speech or presentation separates you from the crowd and establishes credibility in your industry and marketplace.