Wearable Ear Prompter Technology


Need to give a speech, shoot a video or do a live stream? Our 007 stealth technology helps you eliminate teleprompters, notes and memorization!

  • No time to memorize and rehearse?
  • Afraid you’ll forget your words and look foolish?
  • Shooting a video or live streaming and want to look at the camera, not a teleprompter?
  • Don’t want to look at notes or a tablet while you’re speaking?

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You've heard of a teleprompter, right?

With the Secret Prompter, instead of reading lines on
a screen, you secretly listen to words in your ear and repeat those words out loud, for a perfect presentation.

It’s a tiny, wireless and virtually invisible ear prompter. It is a magical piece of electronics that enables you to deliver detailed presentations, without memorizing the content.

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6 Expert Secrets to
Managing Any Audience

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What People are Saying
The Secret Ear Prompter helped me with the longest, information-packed presentation I’ve ever done. It was flawless and my associates were raving.
Tim H
Investment Advisor
I love the idea of the Secret Prompter. The best products solve simple problems.
Eric C.
Exec V.P. CMO
I would never have thought I could have given a presentation word-for-word, without memorizing, we’ve been able to capture lightning in a bottle!
Kyle C.
Investment Advisor
When you're giving a speech or presentation, finding the extra hours to memorize and rehearse is a major challenge.

The Secret Ear Prompter saves hours of prep time. It enables you to be the engaging, exciting speaker your audience expects.

Here’s the best part…your audience will think you’re a natural-born speaker. Your clients, investors and peers will think you’re a genius. 

Only you will know the secret, because the Secret Prompter is virtually undetectable, even close up.

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anyone can deliver a compelling presentation WITH THE SECRET PROMPTER.

This wearable prompter technology makes it impossible to forget your words. Imagine the difference when you put your notes away, step from behind the podium, make eye contact and genuinely connect with your audience. That’s when the magic happens!